Private Counselling

These days, many of us are going through challenging times that may seem beyond our abilities to properly cope. We may be noticing that our thoughts of life have become more self-defeating, our emotions more unsettled and our sense of life balance out of order. We recognize we are not at our best in our relationships, at home or at work. We struggle to find rest, peace and joy. Some of us may have turned to substances or self-defeating behaviors to cope with these things. And, we may wonder what can be done to regain our hope, our best selves and our well-being.

Vancouver Island Counselling invites you to consider our professional and certified counsellors as a resource that can be of high value to you on your path toward health, wellness and recovery. We have been a community resource in this capacity for over 40 years. Our counsellors meet needs in areas such as addictions, work/life balance restoration, emotional concerns, trauma and stress reduction, relationship issues and grief and loss (and others)

If you or someone you know, would benefit from talking with us, please feel free to call or email us and ask about our services. Also, you may wish to take a few minutes and explore the contents of our website to learn more about our counsellors and how we might be helpful to you.