Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EFAP?
Vancouver Island Counselling is your EFAP (Employee and Family Assistance Program) and is a very important component of your employee benefit package. Your EFAP encourages people with personal concerns to seek confidential counselling help as soon as possible before issues seriously affect family and work life and individual health and safety.

What does it cost?
Vancouver Island Counselling services are provided at no additional cost to employees, retirees and their eligible family members.  (Some cost may occur if you are referred for an additional specialized service that is not covered by the employee’s benefit package or government subsidized program, but this is optional whether you would choose to access this service…an example of this might be a lawyer, psychologist or residential treatment for substance abuse).

Is it confidential?
Yes! We operate independently of the companies we serve.  This autonomy and the location of the offices away from the worksite, help ensure our commitment to confidentiality.  Workplaces have no access to client information.  Our counsellors are governed by a Professional Code of Ethics.  Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our program and has been for over 40 years.

Many EFAPs limit the number of counselling sessions to 3 or 4 per year, is this true for our EFAP at Vancouver Island Counselling?
No! There is no fixed limit to the number of goal oriented counselling sessions available to you or your family members at Vancouver Island Counselling. This happens to be one of our distinctive program features.

Can I still use the EFAP if I’m away from work due to workplace shutdown, vacation, or medical leave?
Yes. Just like your health and welfare benefits, the EFAP does not stop when you are away from the worksite or on sick leave.

How do I know if I need counselling?
For information please click:  Newsletter

Will you see someone from the community on a private counselling basis if they are not a member of your EFAP service?
For more information click:  Private Counselling

Where are you located?
We have 6 office locations to provide you with our EFAP counselling service:  Duncan, Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Salt Spring Island, Victoria and Vancouver.

Are your counsellors well-qualified…are they professionally qualified?
Vancouver Island Counselling ensures that each of our counsellors holds a relevant graduate or doctorate degree in the counselling field. In addition each of our counsellors must be registered with a clinical or related association in the Province of British Columbia. Ongoing professional development combined with a dedication to serving clients with respect, compassion and integrity are hallmarks of your EFAP counsellors. You will find profiles of our counsellors on the Vancouver Island Counselling website.

How do I book an appointment with a counsellor?
Simply phone one of the numbers listed in the “contact us” section of this website. One of our administrative assistants will be pleased to help you arrange your appointment.