About Us

Vancouver Island Counselling is an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP).  This benefit program provides employees, eligible family members and retirees of member organizations with confidential and professional help in addressing personal concerns.  We provide direct access to trained counsellors who address work and life issues that affect employees’ emotional and psychological well-being……. and your organization’s productivity and effectiveness. Through our professional counselling service, employers can realize significant savings though:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Enhanced staff morale
  • Reduced disability costs

Meeting Your Needs

Whatever the size of your employee group, we are committed to anticipating your ever changing needs and delivering relevant, cost effective service.  We are a team that you and your employees can count on.  Our unique program places no limitation on the number of sessions and provides clients with confidentiality.

We emphasize responsiveness, immediacy, availability and expertise.

We are a Non-Profit Community Based Organization

Vancouver Island Counselling is a community based nonprofit organization. The authors of the March 2006 “Cornerstones of Community: Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations” describe organizations like ours as an “integral part of Canadian life, serving as vehicles to involve millions of Canadians to address needs in their communities.” They go on to add that non-profit groups provide “public benefits rather than serve their own special interests” and that “this may help to explain why non-profit and voluntary organizations receive the support they do from individual Canadians, governments and businesses.”  They stress that organizations like ours “are an extension of our Canadian values and the capacity of these organizations to serve Canadians helps to shape the quality of lives and our communities.”

We seek to bring hope, growth and well-being to families, workplaces and our community. And we seek to identify and address the needs and interests of our community in ways that government and the private sector do not.