In his review of the benefits of EFAP programs, Richard Csiernik describes an organization’s employees as its single greatest asset. He adds that protecting the health of that asset is good for employees, good for families and good for business (please see the above noted references below). Csiernik goes on to say that troubled employees are less productive and less efficient. They have more sick days and absenteeism and lower morale, levels of concentration, quality of work output and workplace engagement. He and others (Martin Shain) suggest that, within the context of a healthy workplace, prevention, intervention and wellness initiatives in a quality EFAP are a critical “first line of defense” in an organization’s response to an employee’s mental health and addiction treatment needs.

Professional counselling is available for you and your eligible family members at any Vancouver Island Counselling office.  We are confidential, compassionate, accessible  and respectful.
Eligible family members include your spouse, and children of an employee of one of our member companies.  Adult children remain eligible for our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) services up to the age of 25.

When counselling is requested by a parent for a child 15 and under, we routinely hold a counselling session with parent(s) first, and then (possibly) a session with the child/youth.  Based on these interviews it will be determined whether we will proceed with counselling with the child/youth,  proceed with counselling the parents, or offer a referral to other services in the community.

We support our clients with:

  • goal oriented counselling sessions
  • referrals to community based counselling services if deemed appropriate in our discussions with you
  • case management (connection with other healthcare professionals in your life to coordinate treatment)
  • resources, screening assessments, handouts, book references and articles

Employees and their families are struggling with issues related to mental health, addiction, eldercare, childcare and relationship breakdown. The Vancouver Island Counselling “Model of Care” effectively assists organizations, their employees and family members by offering the much needed responsiveness that their life issues and needs demand. Here are some of the benefits of our program:

  • A free confidential assessment and counselling service for all employees and eligible family members.
  • No fixed limit to the number of sessions per individual or family.
  • Commitment to immediacy, availability, capability and compassion.
  • Decreased amounts of time off with the resolution of the presenting counselling issue.
  • Increased workplace productivity as a result of increased employee well being.
  • Decreased employee accidents and safety issues due to addressing untreated addiction and mental health matters.
  • Counsellors and administrators who live and work in your community and are well acquainted and familiar with local mental health and wellness resources.