September 2022 – Harmony and Balance

Maintaining our Balance
It is important to understand that “balance” does not mean equal. Trying to give an equal number of hours to each of your various work and personal activities is unrealistic. Life needs to be more fluid than that. Rather than thinking of balance as a matter of time management think of it in terms of energy management.

Balance will vary over time – often, from day to day. Your best balance when you are single will be different from when you are in a relationship or building a family. When you are starting a new career it will be different from when you are nearing retirement.

There are two key indicators of balance in your life.  The first is achievement and the second is enjoyment. You are in balance when you feel achievement and enjoyment in these areas: work, family, community and your personal self. 

When life has harmony there is a consistent and fulfilling interaction between its various parts.  Consider using energy in ways that create achievement and enjoyment in more than one area of your life at the same time (volunteering in the community with family or friends, for example).


Be accountable
Stay resilient by accepting responsibility for personal self-care and energy management in the roles of your life.  What can you do to take better care of yourself?

Manage commitments
Rather than over-committing, respectfully say “no” when asked to do things for others that they ought to be doing for themselves. Know your limits and make them known to others.

Recharge your valuable energy
Take time for a walk outdoors, a quiet place; enjoy a comforting (and healthy) beverage or engage your creative side.  What can you do on a daily basis to restore energy?

Take time to relax
Find moments during the day to retreat mentally and physically.

Talk to caring friends, family or a counsellor
Develop significant relationships with others who care about you. Consider support groups, faith-based involvement or community service groups.

Remember to celebrate
Maintain humor, laughter and “celebration” in your life.  Celebrate relationships, honor your own efforts, notice other’s progress and tell them.

Ask for help and be helpful
Be willing to accept assistance. Be kind to others be kind to yourself and accept kindness from others.  Where can you contribute to the well-being of those around you?