December / January Holiday Newsletter

A Holiday Message from Your Vancouver Island Counselling Team

In March of this year the world changed for all of us. Since then, like one continuous earthquake, the ground has not stopped moving under our feet. Ongoing tremor and aftershock still rock and ripple around us, within us and sometimes between us. Much has been asked of us and much has been taken.

Some, closer to the epicenter, have faced death and destruction and losses of many kinds. It has been doubly difficult and emotionally impactful for so many who have been in the midst of this firestorm alone, lonely and uncertain. 

Preexisting health conditions (including those of a physical, emotional, relationship, financial, family, school or work-related nature) have been aggravated and intensified as this viral accelerant is added, and then added again, to the fire. 

We are all in this together and we shall all come out of this together. A time is coming soon when we will reset, rebuild, and renew; moving through the shock and aftershock. 

Now, and over the past many months, your Vancouver Island Counselling team has stood beside so many of you, as you sought to establish your feet underneath you. Hundreds and hundreds of counselling hours shared with you, your family members, your workplaces and our communities. We are honored and grateful that you have put your trust in us. We celebrate your honesty, courage, and drive to heal the effects and impacts of life and its living.

Our team remains at your service as we host healing conversations and extend compassion, hope and skilled counselling. Although we had our 40th anniversary in June of 2020, we will celebrate this milestone when the time is right. As always, we are here when you need us.

This holiday season, we wish you and your families an extra measure of rest, peace and joy. Although much will be very different, we believe that the timeless virtues of kindness, compassion and gratefulness are still alive and well within and amongst us. Let’s see if we are able to activate these and other virtues and mobilize our behaviors to express them as we are able. We wish all of this and more to you. Please be kind to yourself, be kind to others and let others be kind to you.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and a happy and healthy 2021 to all of you from all of us.