February 2024 – Workplace Culture

Imagine your workplace when it was just an idea.  Take a moment to wonder about the folks who were having the conversation about creating your workplace and what their inspirations might have been in developing it.  Did they sit down and collectively write up a mission statement that spoke to the values that their workplace Read More

January 2024 – Shift into 2024

In this issue we thought it might be important to talk about Shift Work: Shift work is nothing new and is an important part of our work environment, especially in the essential services arena, however this is changing with more and more young families considering the attractive earning potential of jobs being offered. All over Read More

November 2023 – Relationships

As the skies begin to get darker earlier and falling behind is on its way, we often follow the seasons habits to stay in more, and rely more on our closest relationships.   As the winter approaches, it might be a good time to talk about relationships, the essential ingredient in life, partnership, children, parents, siblings, Read More

August 2023 – Life Balance

Elements of Living WellIt takes more than “an apple a day” to live well in today’s hectic world.  A healthy lifestyle requires that the body, the mind and the spirit work together.  If one part is sick or stressed, the other parts suffer, often without our knowing it.  Below are some of the things to Read More

July 2023 – Laughter

When Hal Wright died suddenly at the age of 82, his children and eight adult grandchildren gathered quickly to be with their mother and grandmother.  The setting was a quiet retirement community but, over the next three days, neighbours graciously tolerated the noise from the Wright’s backyard.  What they heard was dearly loved and much Read More

June 2023 – Mindfulness

This word captures so many experiences and practices it can be challenging to understand (and write about). Mindfulness is best understood experientially. Kind of like trying to explain what a pineapple taste like (just take a bit!). So, let’s start with a story. For those whose mind craves definitions and analysis worry not, they will Read More

May 2023 – Family Meal Time

At Vancouver Island Counselling, we learn and understand the root of family challenges.  One of the noticing’s of our time are the issues that youth are dealing with, which adversely impacts parents. Parents often feel overwhelmed, and powerless to help their children that may be struggling with peer issues, focus and attention.  Here is one Read More

April 2023 – Spring Means Teams

As we hover between Winter and Spring on a daily basis, thoughts of bulbs, warmer weather and new beginnings comes to mind.   Spring is a time of rebirth, beginning, growing, changing, and new seasons of outdoor teams often begin.  In the workplace, relationships can be strengthened when there is a team approach.  Playing together on Read More