July 2022 – What is an EFAP

What is an Employee and Family Assistance Program? Employees of our organization have access to professional counselling through Vancouver Island Counselling.  This benefit is extended to all employees and their benefit eligible family members.  This service is known as an Employee and Family Assistance Program or EFAP.   Vancouver Island Counselling has been providing this service Read More

May/June 2022 – Navigating Life’s Transitions

Life transitions include the many natural changes that will be encountered over the lifespan.  From birth to older age, like the transition from childhood to adulthood, entering into an intimate relationship, starting a family, embarking on a career path, and entering into retirement, just to name a few. As we go through transitions, there are Read More

March 2022 – Take Time to Care

A study conducted among students at the University of British Columbia (UBC) found that performing acts of kindness can help lower people’s social anxiety, which often leads to negative self-beliefs and behaviors. UBC researchers found that any kind act appeared to have similar wellness benefits, even small gestures like opening a door for someone or saying ‘thanks’ Read More

December/January 2022 – Happy Holidays!

Buying something special and giving it to someone we deeply care about can be a very satisfying thing to do. However, something that may be even more meaningful and needed is the gift of presence. Offering others our quality time, undivided attention and acts of kindness is an investment that is memorable and heart-centered. Rather Read More

November 2021 – Discover Your Values

Life can feel more fulfilling and meaningful with less daily stress and more purposeful intention. “Technically values are desired qualities of ongoing action. Poetically, they are our deepest desires of how we want to spend our brief time on this planet. Metaphorically, they’re like a compass: they give us direction and keep us on track.” Read More

September 2021 – Antidotes to the Four Horsemen

In the June issue of our “Choices” newsletter, we introduced you to the Four Horsemen – destructive forms of communication and behavior that damage or destroy love relationships (Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling). These four mounted invaders are essentially dysfunctional ways of interacting and will reek havoc on any love relationship. They were identified and Read More

July 2021 – Spending Time With Our Feelings

What exactly are feelings?When we talk about feelings we are really talking about emotions. At the most basic level, researchers define emotions as the flow of energy (energy in motion) or states of activation through the brain and body. To understand what we feel, we need to tune into the emotion internally that is connected Read More